Miriam Escofet wins BP Portrait Award 2018

Established Albemarle artist, Miriam Escofet, has won the BP Portrait Award 2018 with her incredible piece, An Angel at My Table. The painting shows Escofet’s elderly mother sat at her kitchen table surrounded by tea crockery. It suggests a sense of space, perspective and time which conveys the sitter’s inner stillness and calm. Escofet says she was conscious whilst painting that she wanted to 'transmit an idea of the Universal Mother, who is at the centre of our psyche and emotional world.’


This is the fifth time Escofet has been selected for the BP Portrait Award exhibition (previously in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012.) She has also been regularly selected for The Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibitions and was awarded the Burke’s Peerage Foundation Prize for Classically Inspired Portraiture in 2015.


Albemarle Gallery is proud to have exhibited her along the road to this great success, giving Escofet her first solo in 2001 and now, in 2019 featuring her selected work in a new space at Pontone Gallery from 7 February to 10 March.

January 16, 2019