Raffaele Rossi: Arcane Journey (ArtMoorHouse)

19 June - 5 September 2019

Albemarle Gallery presents an exhibition by established Italian artist, Raffaele Rossi in London at ArtMoorHouse (EC2Y 5ET). Rossi creates fresco and mixed-media paintings on board, which give expression to mysterious, archetypal images through the use of delicate draughtsmanship and subtle, evocative colour. Enigmatic, mythological figures and symbols hover on the brink of abstraction. They are sketched into the textured surface of the ground, fleshed out or partly obscured by, flurries of fluently applied colour. The images can be almost vestigial, emerging and disappearing into the painterly surface. Elegant draftings and silhouettes of boats and barges suggest arcane journeys and adventures, which echo and complement Rossi’s own singularly allusive and dreamlike journey of investigation.