Do Sungwook

Born in Korea in 1971, Do Sungwook paints vastly accomplished forest scenes that brim with atmosphere. After graduating from Deagu University with a B.F.A. in Painting, Sungwook has exhibited extensively in Korea. His work features in some of the most prestigious collections in his native country, including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Samsung Foundation of Culture, Seoul Museum of Art and the Gyeonggido Museum of Art.


The dramatic and subtle relationships between light and dark are paramount to Sungwook, who manipulates these two conflicting and disparate elements masterfully. Their heightened contrast allows the artist to reveal and conceal his compositions, leading the viewer to experience the simple truth that without light, we can see nothing.  As such, the forms seen in his work are not so much painted, but carved out of the reflection, refraction and projection of light. These compositions are impregnated with the same dense and mysterious character of the forests themselves. 


Dark shadow and clear light combine to create unique and hugely intreguing compositions, somewhat reminiscent of the monotone abstract paintings of John Virtue, Heinz Mack and Dennis Creffield.


As the light in the early morning forest is just beginning to permeate the thick canopy above, Do Sungwook unveils a pristinely captured moment in the natural cycle. These intimate, fleeting seconds are shared with the viewer as if they were alone in the forest, submerged in the atmosphere therein and witnessing the transformative effects of light and dark.