Internationally acclaimed Korean artist Do Min paints photo-realistic dice perceived through a lens of dynamic colour and fluid motion. He combines masterful draughtsmanship with an imaginative interpretation of texture and form to construct a meticulously-rendered atmosphere of anticipation. Using the rolled dice to explore the undetermined and unpredictable nature of life, Do Min dramatises the impulse and excitement of subjecting ourselves to the fate of the unknown.


"A roll of dice contains within the action itself a moment of indeterminacy as well as a seed of creation." - Do Min


Do Min often bends and distorts his compositions, as if these die are seen through layers of mirrors or a current of fast-flowing water. In doing so, he transforms the familiar image of a tumbling die into an unknown, unique entity, compiled of semi-recognisable features. There is innate movement in these works, where the die is never a settled focal point, it is always in motion, shimmering and reflecting against an ethereal tide that ripples, elongates and distorts its features. As such, our sense of anticipation is heightened as we work to unravel the cascading construct before us and are drawn in with this process to a sense of climax, towards the great reveal. 


"If we are bound to encounter fate in one way or another, we might as well embrace and enjoy it." - Do Min